LEAD 32 Intl Travel/Study - Slovakia

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LEAD Group 32 International Study/Travel Seminar

Monday, January 13

Audio interview with Theodore Sedwick , U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia — 7 ½ minutes
Audio Report of the day's activities — 1 minute

Theodore Sedgwick
Theodore Sedgwick, U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia
          Michael Henney
Michael Henney, USDA representative in Warsaw, Poland briefing group. Henney is a Nebraska native.
LEAD 32 Group
LEAD 32 with U.S. Ambassador Theodore Sedgwick and U.S. Embassy Staff
Group dining
The group wine tasting at a local winery, where they also enjoyed lunch.
Dinner toast
Winery owner, Renta Hermysova and Brian James sharing a traditional Slovakian toast
Lunch plate
The group enjoyed a wonderful traditional lunch of roast duck, red cabbage, loksha (potato pancakes) and strudel
Local pottery shop
Local pottery shop outside of Bratislava
Sam trys his hand at pottery
Sam Vakhidov trying his hand at making pottery
Bratislava castle
Castle in Bratislava after reconstruction.
St. Martin's Cathedral
St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava. The largest and most important Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia. It was the home of 18 Habsburg family King & Queen coronations.

Tuesday, January 14

Audio interview with Jozef Siget , owner of SIGI Trade — 6 ½ minutes
Audio interview with Jana Sikulova, Dog Rescue Slovakia Team Member — 5 minutes
Audio Report of the day's activities — 40 seconds

SIGI Trade Presentation
Lead 32 listening to the owner of SIGI Trade. SIGI Trade has one of the largest market shares of the Slovakian feed business. SIGI provides feed to dairy, poultry, pork and equine livestock.
  Elevator and feed mill
PG Trade and SIGI Trade Grain Elevator & Feed Mill. SIGI Trade is the only Slovakian owned grain & feed company. This facility is located in Dvory, near Zitavou.
feed preparations
Bonnie Downing and Warren Coulter learning about Slovakian feed pre-mix preparations.
Shagya Arabian
Shagya Arabian and trainer on the grounds of the Slovakian National Horse Reserve in Topolcianky
search/rescue dogs
Stephanie Perry holding Falco & Rico, search & rescue dogs in Zvolen.
museum exhibit
Steve Stroup looks upon a Slovakian piece of equipment in a museum.

Wednesday, January 15

Audio interview with Rastislav Sulek, Vice-Director for Intl. Relations, Technical Univ. Zvolen — 6 minutes
Audio Report of the day's activities — 1 minute
Video clip of musicians providing special entertainment for the group — 16 seconds

Theodore Sedgwick
          Michael Henney
Group dining
Dinner toast
Group dining
Dinner toast

Thursday, January 16

Audio interview with Peter Leikes, Pioneer Seed Sales Representative — 6 ¼ minutes
Audio Report of the day's activities — 1 minute

Zvolen City Hall
Zvolen City Hall
          High Tatras Mountains
High Tatras Mountains in Northern Slovakia
church bell tower
Wooden church bell tower
wooden church interior
Chris Cornelius with the pastor of the wooden church
Group dining
Church of the Assumption in Banska' Bystrica's town square
Dinner toast
Abandoned church at Tatranska Lomnica (Mountain Ski Resort) in Northern Slovakia