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Iguaçu Máquinas John Deere dealership in Campo Verde, Brazil. Iguaçu Máquinas is a premier John Deere dealership with 13 locations and over 400 employees across three states in Brazil.

You can take the boy off the farm... Shane Greving purchasing a souvenir at Iguaçu Máquinas John Deere dealership in Campo Verde, Brazil - also possibly discussing how many Brazilian real it will cost to ship a combine back to Central City.

LEAD 38 enjoying one final lunch at a churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue) in Cuiabá, Brazil. Food is served rodizio style where waiters serve barbecued meat from large skewers at the table.

Cleighton Gauer, technical manger for IMEA (Institute of Mato Grosso Agribusiness), discussing logistical challenges and opportunities for the flow of grain exports out of Brazil.

LEAD 38 with staff from IMEA (Institute of Mato Grosso Agribusiness) after hearing an overview of the economic impact of soy, cotton, corn, and cattle in Mato Grosso and Brazil.