LEAD Group 37 International Study/Travel Seminar

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Netherlands / Belgium / Germany / Poland

January 2019

Date       Reports & Interviews:
Jan 5 VideoAudio — LEAD 37 departure with Amber Burge
Jan 6 VideoAudio — Arrival and tour of Amsterdam, Netherlands with Jamison Jensen
Jan 7 Audio — Rotterdam, Netherlands with Megan Grimes
Video — Aad Frazen of Frasen Roses with Luke Beckman & Scott Speck
Jan 8 Audio — Brussels with Aaron Kavan
Jan 9 Video — Brussels, Belgium with Scott Speck
Jan 10 Video — Harsewinkel, Germany with Cory Kudlacek
Jan 11 Video — Cologne, Germany with Evan Janzen
Jan 12 Video — Tour of hog farm near Saebeck, Germany with MerleAnn Raichart
Jan 13 Video — Osnabruck, Germany sites visited and interview of dairy farmer by Bree DeNaeyer
Jan 14 Video — Tour of Volkswagen Headquarters in Wolfsburg with Megan Grimes
Jan 15 Video — Berlin sites and interview of entrepreneur club members with Chelsea Luthy
Jan 17 Video — Tour of national park and a farm near Poznan, Poland with Chris Stillahn
Jan 18 Video — Tour of Bronisze wholesale market and university dairy farm with Kimberly Stuhr
Jan 19 Video — Tour of the city of Warsaw and farm that hosts children's summer camps, with Ross Daake

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Belgium / Germany / Netherlands / Poland

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