Nominations or Request Application


Each year the Nebraska LEAD Program solicits applications for our two year program. Many candidate names come to us from LEAD alumni, agricultural leaders, friends and neighbors of potential applicants. Many individuals have simply heard about the Nebraska LEAD Program and directly request an application packet from our office.

If you are interested in making a nomination, either use the link below or email Irene at . She will then make contact with your nominee(s). You may also call her at 402-472-6810. Please be ready to provide the candidate's: name, mailing address, phone number and hopefully an email address. Your identity will remain anonymous unless you give Irene permission to include your name as the nominator.

Nominees are sent a letter notifying them of their nomination. They are asked to let us know if they are interested in learning more about the program. We also ask you, as a nominator, to follow up with the prospective candidate a few weeks after you submit their name(s).

Click HERE to go to our nomination form.

Request an Application Form

There are three ways to obtain an application to the Nebraska LEAD Program:

  1. Click HERE to enter your contact information.  You will then be able to access a link to the application documents on UNL's Microsoft OneDrive storage.
  2. Email Irene at . She will then email you an electronic application form.
  3. While we try to have all applications submitted electronically, we realize that some of our candidates do not have access to email. For those who do not use email, you may call Irene at 402-472-6810 and request an application form be mailed to you.

By virtue of requesting an application form, you have not made an official commitment to participate in our program. We consider the submission of a completed application form as the first step in the selection process.

There is some time involved in preparing applications. We recommend at least a 4 to 5 week window to allow you to work at an even pace. Of course, applications can also be obtained "at the last minute."

The application deadline is always June 15 of the year you wish to begin. See "selection criteria" for further details.