Nebraska LEAD Program

The Nebraska LEAD Program began 40 years ago to develop agricultural leaders from Nebraska's future generations. The constant changes that occur in agricultural policy, marketing, economics and technology point to the need for strong leaders to advocate for the heart of Nebraska's economy--agriculture. Now in our third decade of forming pioneering agricultural leaders, we have evolved into one of the nation's premier agricultural leadership development programs.


The program is recognized both statewide and nationally as an innovative organization that has improved Nebraska in many ways. For example, many members of commodity boards, extension boards, local school boards, or local church councils, count themselves among our 1000+ alumni.

After you look through our website, search out and speak to our alumni. Encourage them to describe their LEAD experiences. Take time to learn what they have accomplished since graduating to serve their local community, our state or our nation. We believe you will be impressed. If you cannot locate a past participant or have other questions, contact Shana at or 402-472-6810. We are here to help--as your LEAD resource.

The Nebraska LEAD Program
104 AgCom Bldg
PO Box 830940
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68583-0940
(402) 472-6810

Director Terry Hejny, Ph.D.

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