Currently Funded Endowments of the Nebraska LEAD Program

Contributions to the Nebraska LEAD Program Endowment signifies a long-term commitment and investment toward the continuation and growth of the Nebraska LEAD Program. Only the annual investment from these endowments will be utilized for operating expenses of the program. The Nebraska Agricultural Leadership Council and the Nebraska LEAD Program graciously thank and recognize the following donors who have established endowments:

Fully Funded Endowed "Fellowship"

Dr. Allen G. and Kay L. Blezek Endowment Fund
M. Eighmy Foundation LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Gudmundsen LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Neal and Leone E. Spencer Harlan Endowment Fund
Dr. James T. and Connie Horner LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Clifford and Ruthalee Jorgensen Endowment Fund
Kreuscher LEAD Fellow Fund
Larry V. and Linda J. Pearson LEAD Fellow Fund
Frank and Shirley Sibert LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Jerry A. and Naomi I. Warner Fellowship
for Leadership Development
Dr. Kathleen J. Wittler, DVM LEAD Fellowship Fund

Fully Funded Endowed Support
Clifford and Ruthalee Jorgensen Endowment Fund
Fully Funded Endowed "Fellowship" Provided Through Life Insurance Agreement
Dr. James T. and Connie Horner LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Partially Funded Endowed "Fellowships"
Dr. Allen G. Blezek Memorial LEAD Fellowship Fund
Lancaster County Farm Bureau, Inc. Fellowship
Other Endowed Support
Mary and Frank Bruning Endowment Fund
Class of 1988 LEAD Fund
LEAD Director’s Excellence Fund
Wade and Sue Nutzman LEAD Fund, Honoring Ned and Mariana Nutzman
James F. and Jan Roberts LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Spader LEAD Program Excellence Fund
Jim and Elaine Wolf LEAD Program Excellence Fund

Future Opportunities for Providing Financial Support

Many opportunities are available to both current and potential donors for both annual and long-term operating support. With proper tax and/or estate planning, many gifts can be made available to the program with considerable tax advantage for the donor.

All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with the provisions of IRS regulations of 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. The University of Nebraska Foundation serves as the general custodian of donations to the Nebraska LEAD Program. All contributions should be clearly designated for the Nebraska LEAD Program.