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LEAD Class 38 enjoyed a tour of a coffee plantation. Following the Consulate we took a jaunt to Campinas and toured Tozan Coffee Plantation. Did you know Coffee plants do not produce a harvest until their 3rd year of growth. On average plants are most productive at 14 years and live well over 20 years if properly cared for.

Tozan Coffee Planation.

Tozan Coffee Planation.

Tozan Coffee Planation.

Troy Mack and Micheal Dibbern look at the coffee plants from Tozan Coffee Plantation.

Jan 13th. The group indulged on a variety of foods at a local grill.

Group eating at local grill.

Consulate General of the US in São Paulo, Brazil. LEAD Class 38 met with the US Consulate for a briefing with Consulate General Adam Shub, Ag Trade Office Director Nicolas Rubio, Assistant Regional Director of Wheat Osvaldo Seco.

We made the excursion back to São Paulo to visit with UNICA Sugarcane Industry Association Economic Analyst Mariana Regina Zechin. UNICA represents +110 members and over 50% of the sugarcane, sugar, and ethanol production in Brazil.

Jan 13th. After a very long completely full day of travel yesterday from Costa Rica to Brazil we basically dug right into another 16 hour day filled with many educational experiences, new learnings, and lots of laughs. Photo of São Paulo.

Photo of São Paulo.