LEAD Group 38 International Study/Travel Seminar

São Paulo, Brazil

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Costa Rica


Costa Rica / Brazil

Travel Seminar January 2020

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Jan 5

Jenny Penny in front of political mural

Members arrived in San Jose, where they took a guided walking tour of Barrios, taking in the city's history and local gastronomic specialties.

Jan 6

Lead members on staircase

Members visited the USA Embassy and the CATIE Inter-American Institute. Members also visited CATIE’s Seed Bank, a collection of nearly 7,300 accessions of seeds.

Jan 7

LEAD 38 at CATIE botanical garden

Members visited the CATIE international coffee collection and Sustainable Tropical Dairy. They learned about research implementations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jan 8

La fortuna waterfalls

The group travels to Arenal, attends a lecture by the Association of Integral Development of La Fortuna (ADIFORT), and takes in Costa Rica's natural beauty at EcoTermales.

Jan 9

Lookout at lake arenal lead 38, entering AdAstrs Rocket complex, touring rice fields at Tio Pelon.

Members visited “Hacienda La Flor”, Rice Field (one of the most important rice field industries of the Guanacaste region and Costa Rica), and met with Ad Astra Rocket scientists to discuss importance of the growing aerospace industry in Costa Rica.

Jan 10

Sugar cane unloading, processing, and screening the juice.

Members visited one of the most important sugar cane factories of the Guanacaste region and explored the El Viejo Wildlife National Refuge.

Jan 11

Beautiful picture of Arenal Lake. Our last night/day in the Guanacaste Province, the Northwest Region of Costa Rica.

Members of the Nebraska LEAD Group 38 visited the Las Pumas Rescue Center. The group had a farewell dinner at Sikwa Restaurant, where they experienced Costa Rican indigenous gastronomy from the hand of Chef Pablo Bonilla.

Jan 12

Placeholder image

Flying out of San Jose to Panama City to connect for a flight to São Paulo.

Jan 13

Eating at local grill

Members visited the UNICA Company, the Tozan Coffee Plantation, and met with the US Consulate.

Jan 14

Learning about grazing practices at Embrapa

LEAD 38 departed São Paulo at 6 a.m. this morning and traveled for several kilometers to visit a 1,800 cow dairy that produces 16,000 liters of milk/day.

Jan 15

Meeting with NB manufacturing plant

Our their final day near São Paulo, the group stopped at the NB manufacturing plant, which specializes in forage equipment around the world.

Jan 16

Visiting one of the 100 farms that create the Bom Futura Group.

Visiting one of the 100 farms that create the Bom Futura Group.

Jan 17

The group examining cotton samples that are ready to be graded for quality.

Visit to WDF Agro, a 38k acre farm in Mato Grosso. Afterwards, members visited Unicotton, a local cotton cooperative made up of 97 producers.

Jan 18

LEAD 38 with staff from IMEA

Members visited Iguaçu Máquinas John Deere dealership in Campo Verde, Brazil.

Jan 19

LEAD 38 one step closer to home.

LEAD 38 members begin their return home to Nebraska.

Jan 20

Bright and cheery in Atlanta after a red eye flight from Sao Paulo!

Returning home to Omaha